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 North Brentwood Civic Association

North Brentwood Civic Association

P. O. Box 355

North Brentwood, Md. 20722

NBCA Officers

President: Tiffany Jones

Vice President: Janie Cuffie

Secretary: Shaleta Richardson

Treasurer: Zeolia Day

Chaplain: Vacant


North Brentwood Day


Family Day


National Night Out


Back-to-School Night




Christmas Lighting

Visitations to the Elderly,
Sick and Shut-ins


Supporter of North Brentwood Community Center

About NBCA


The North Brentwood Civic Association (NBCA) plays a significant role in North Brentwood. NBCA supports Town residents and works diligently to meet their needs for growth and respect throughout the community.


We encourage all Town residents to be active in the Association.

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Exterior of Gwendolyn Britt Senior Center in North Brentwood, Maryland

All residents of North Brentwood are invited to attend NBCA meetings

Dates: 2nd Monday each month

Time: 6:30pm

Where: N. Brentwood Community Center, 4012 Webster Street, North Brentwood



All North Brentwood residents are considered NBCA members!


While dues are not mandatory, we ask all residents to participate in the annual membership drive. It's held the first quarter of the year. The cost is just $15.00 per household. Dues revenue supports community programs!

NBCA History

The North Brentwood Civic Association was first organized in 1906 by Mr. William J. Conway. He served as President for five consecutive years.


The Association was renamed in 2018 to North Brentwood Civic Association.

NBCA Mission Statement

The mission of the North Brentwood Civic Association is to protect the life, health, property, and general welfare of its citizens.


North Brentwood is a town rich in culture and diversity. Because of this, the Civic Association works collaboratively with the Mayor and Town Council in support of initiatives that will preserve the legacy and heritage of this vital community.


The Civic Association presents views, petitions, and resolutions to the municipal, county, and state governing bodies to secure adequate educational and recreational funding and facilities for the North Brentwood community.

NBCA 2020 Grilling Events - June 26 and July 3